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Charlotte's of Salado
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Welcome to Charlotte's...
...tantelizing coffee aromas
SEASONS OF SALADO - Blended especially for Charlotte's of Salado. A rich blend of chocolate fudge, Irish creme, Amaretto and Hazel nut.
SNICKERDOODLE - Blending Cinnamon with Hazelnut to give a smooth, nutty aromatic coffee.
MOCHADOODLE - Snickerdoodle and milk chocolate to create the new Mochadoodle - Milk Chocolate Snikerdoodle.
ORANGE SEVILLE - Seville Orange with a hint of sweet cherry.
GRAND REVERENCE - Chocolate, Coconut and Hazelnut sprinkled with fresh Coconut flakes.
ALMOND AMARETTO - Amaretto is prevalent with added blanched and slivered Almonds for extra smoothness.
CREME BRULEE - The taste of Vanilla Custard and a sweet spice.
FRENCH VANILLA CREME - Fragrant yet subtle like the Vanilla bean for a smooth, creamy flavor.
CINNAMON CHOCOLATE ALMOND - Blended with Almond, Cinnamon and Chocolate.
CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY & CREME -  European Raspberry with the addition of Dark Chocolate flavor and creme.
HALLEY HOUSE - A wonderful blend of French Vanilla Almond and Pralines & Creme.
APRICOT CREME -The "Just Picked" flavor of apricots and pure creme.
With 11 wonderful, flavorful, aromatic coffees, 
you'll have difficulty choosing only one. 
Ground or bean.  Regular or decaf.

To place your coffee order,
please call 254-947-0240

at least 50% OFF
except coffee
and candles
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